Special Ordering Instructions

In addition to all of the standard Mil-Interconnect AS39029 specified, and various cross-referenced contact configurations enumerated in this catalog, Mil-Interconnect can and does manufacture thermocouple, wire-wrap®, printed circuit, and coaxial (shielded) termination versions for most connectors. Should you fail to find the contact required for your specific application listed in these pages, or should you require a contact for a different type of termination than those listed, Mil-Interconnect can fulfill your needs on special order, provided we have a cross reference to the standard power contact and/or connector which you are seeking to accommodate. This cross reference can be via connector MIL-SPEC and size; connector Military Part Number; former contact Military Part Number, or AS39029/X-BIN specification.


THERMOCOUPLE CONTACTS: in the case of thermocouple versions of standard power contacts, you need only to provide the cross reference information and specify the basic material desired (i.e. TC-AL for Alumel: TC-CH for Chromel: TC-CO for Constantan: TC-CU for Copper: or TC-FE for Iron). Should you require a material other than those listed, please consult factory.



COAXIAL CONTACTS: Used in a wide range of military and aerospace connectors for analog radio frequency or microwave applications. Twinax and quadrax are high-speed differential impedance contacts used for advanced digital communications.



PRINTED CIRCUIT CONTACTS: For PC type contacts, in addition to the cross reference (power contact or connector) data, we require the following dimensional information: (1) overall contact length, (2) pintail length, (3) pintail diameter, and (4) if the contact desired is to be right angle, both lengths for the right angle portion. Please see the accompanying illustration for further details.